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No summer is complete without making memories by the pool. However, if your pool is outdated or in need of a renovation, it can be unsafe or just not enjoyable to spend time in.

Western Landscapes are the experts at pool renovations in Perth and can help rejuvenate your tired swimming pool and its surrounds. Our pool renovation services include reduction in pool size, pool reshaping , retiling, replastering, or relining. A simple renovation of your pool and surrounding landscaping can return your outdoor are to the oasis you and your loved ones used to enjoy all summer.

Our pool renovations services

Pool restoration

If your pool needs to be updated, Western Landscapes are the swimming pool restoration experts for you. If you need to renovate, repair, or improve accessibility, our team are able to restore your pool and create a space that fits your requirements and suits your lifestyle.

Pool painting

Painting your pool is a straight-forward process that can transform the look of your swimming pool and outdoor area. With a wide variety of colours to choose from, modern paints offer a sleek finish with added benefits of reducing algae and seven to ten year service life.

Vinyl liner pools

Vinyl liners are a great, cost-effective choice for pool renovations. They offer a comfortable surface under foot and have algae and fungus repellent properties. Available in a range of colours and patterns, vinyl material is easy to maintain and can add a much-needed improvement to older pools.

Pool paving and tiling

The benefits of adding or replacing pool tiles are both aesthetic and functional. Using tiles along steps and edges can add an eye-catching design effect as well as being incredibly durable and easy to clean. Tiles also work well as an entire pool surfacing material, as the water reflects off their surface.

Pool re-shaping

When it comes to pool design, the options can be endless. Reshaping a pool to better suit your needs or yard space can have a huge overall impact on your outdoor area. Regardless of your pool’s current design, it can be entirely reshaped to alter the look of your landscape.

Pool light installation

The main reason for installing lighting both in and around your pool is to improve safety for you and your family. In addition to this, lighting also serves to improve the appearance of your pool of an evening. The right lighting and placement can enhance the feel of your entire backyard.

Concrete pool renovations Perth

Concrete pool replastering

Western Landscapes’ concrete replastering service is ideal to maintain the function and safety of your swimming pool. Replastering your pool ensures the longest lifespan compared to other surfaces, and offers the most natural appearance. Our replastering service includes:

Concrete pool painting

Western Landscapes recommend repainting your concrete pool to cost-effectively rejuvenate its finish, while increasing safety and longevity of the pool. Our highly qualified and experienced team will quickly and effectively transform your pool using the latest techniques and materials. We can breathe new life into your residential or commercial swimming pool using long-lasting, non-toxic epoxy paint. With concrete pool painting from Western Landscapes, you can be assured of the longevity your pool needs to withstand years of weather, wear, and general use.

Fibreglass pool renovations Perth

Fibreglass pool resurfacing

UV rays, hard water, pool chemicals, and general wear and tear will cause the fibreglass in your pool to deteriorate over time. If left unattended, severe damage could occur to your pool’s fibreglass surface, including leakages, rotting fibreglass, blackspot algae, and chemical imbalances.

At Western Landscapes, we regularly tend to fiberglass pools that need resurfacing. If your fibreglass pool is showing signs such as a chalky or fading surface, cracks or fractures, or the visibility of raw glass, it could be time for a fibreglass pool resurfacing from Western Landscapes.

Fibreglass pool painting

Repainting your fibreglass pool is a great, cost-effective method to safeguard your pool against more severe issues. Either as a stand-alone service or as part of larger pool renovation, Western Landscapes fibreglass pool painting can both enhance your pool’s aesthetic and increase its longevity. Using long-lasting and non-toxic epoxy paint, our team of experienced pool renovators will transform your pool, working within your timeframe. Our pool painting service offers a wide variety in paint colour choices to work cohesively with your current backyard landscape, or to blend seamlessly with your new landscaping.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best material to resurface a swimming pool?

Deciding on which resurfacing material to use for your pool renovation is based on personal preference. Materials that can be used to resurface your swimming pool include; fibreglass, concrete, or pebble. The resurfacing of your pool should be done when you can see clear signs of wear or the surfacing has thinned to the point that an abrasive surface has been revealed.

Fibreglass is a popular choice in pool resurfacing because it is both cost-effective and durable. It is less likely to crack than a concrete surfaced pool and, if done well and maintained, a fibreglass surface can last up to 20+ years. Fibreglass pool surfaces can also be painted to match the style of your house and garden.

If you want to achieve a natural finish for your pool, a pebbled surface could be the ideal solution. Western Landscapes’ pebble surface is made up of rock pebbles and fibreglass, which makes it a durable and stain resistant resurfacing option. The finished result gives a textured appearance similar to a lake or stream. The pebble surface feels textured underfoot and, by incorporating rustic landscaping around the pool, you can achieve a natural look and feel.

If you are looking for a durable long-term solution, concrete could be the best material for your pool resurfacing. It is a common surface choice of public pools due to its ability to withstand large amounts of wear and tear. Concrete pool resurfacing and repairs are straightforward in terms of application, but need 3-4 weeks curing time once poured.

What are the best pool landscaping renovations options available?

Swimming pool renovations can benefit from the addition of concrete patios or pavers ,as they add a clean look with a durable finish. Pavers are easily adapted to the existing style of your garden and are available in a large variety, of styles, materials, and colours.

A fantastic option if you are looking for a natural and textured feel for your pool surrounds renovations. Adding gravel or rock around your pool gives an effective finish that is easily maintainable. Available in a selection of colours, sizes, and shapes, it’s easy to coordinate this addition with your existing outdoor space.

Adding greenery to your pool landscaping renovations can help to achieve a natural, oasis feel in your backyard. Bushes and shrubs can be helpful to hide the walls of your pool fence and certain perennials can add a splash of colour to your pool area during the summer months.

For smaller yards or colder regions, you can add a selection of planters to your pool landscaping. Tropical plants and palms can be placed around your pool for an easy landscaping addition, offering a quick fix with a big impact. Planters are perfect for entertaining areas, helping to create a backyard oasis.

What our clients say:

Fred Nerk
Fred Nerk
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We can highly recommend James and his company [Western Landscapes] for their fine work ethic and attention to detail.They demonstrated care in every phase of the work and the outcome is excellent. Our new lawn has received enthusiastic compliments from neighbours.

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Charlie Garner
Charlie Garner
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James and his team were the most professional, hardworking, positive, and organised people I have worked with. They were very methodical, extremely kind, and were so price conscious. They really understood what we wanted to achieve and made our budget work and then some!

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David Hoppe
David Hoppe
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We have been using Western Landscapes for the last year. James and Matt provide an expert service that’s tailored to our young family, who we want to protect from pesticides. Their knowledge and advice on horticulture, lawn and reticulation, composting, and weed control is consistently spot on and our garden is looking the best is ever has.

They’re reliable, friendly and trustworthy. We can’t recommend them highly enough.

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Let's discuss your unique pool design.