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Complete your outdoor space with a swimming pool.

The right pool design can not only transform your backyard, it can elevate your entire home. A beautiful pool improves the design of your outdoor area while creating a fun, relaxing, and refreshing space for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

At Western Landscapes, our swimming pool builders understand the value a well-designed and landscaped pool area can bring. We work hard to incorporate your requirements into the pool design and create a feature that will become the focal point and centre of enjoyment in your outdoor space.

If a pool is worth doing, it’s worth doing right with Western Landscapes.

Pool design Perth services

Pool design

Whether you are incorporating a swimming pool into your existing landscaped garden, or including one in your new build, Western Landscapes are able to cater to your needs. We specialise in clever pool designs, merging innovation and practicality in a way that reflects your individuality and sense of style.

Pool finishes

The finish for your pool comes down to personal preference. A concrete finish is more customisable and can be designed to suit the size and shape of your area. A fibreglass finish is easily maintainable, durable, and quick to install due the majority of work being completed in the factory.

Pool fencing

Pool fencing is a crucial element in the design of your swimming pool for safety regulations and to enhance the overall look of your pool design. Fencing options typically include glass, aluminium, or masonry walls. Western Landscapes’ designers and pool builders can work with you to find the perfect option to suit your pool landscape design.

Pool lighting

Of an evening, your pool area can truly come alive with the help of a carefully considered pool lighting design. Effective pool lighting works to create an inviting atmosphere and draws the eye in, forming a focal point in your outdoor space. Western Landscapes can provide the appropriate lights to get the most from your swimming pool.

Pool surrounds

The surrounds of your pool is where you truly get to enjoy the oasis it creates. Ideally this surface will be cool under-foot and safe for those using the area. Western Landscapes recommend choosing a surface that offers both these functions, yet still works to elevate the overall design of your backyard.

Water features

The addition of a water feature to your pool design can be effective in further emphasising your swimming pool as the focus of your outdoor area. Western Landscapes offer water feature options such as, waterfalls, blades, spouts, jets, fountains, and water decks.

Modern house with garden surrounding pool leading to nice backyard

Swimming pool builders Perth

At Western Landscapes, we create more than just a swimming area for you; we transform your entire outdoor lifestyle. We specialise in the design and construction of high-quality built-in swimming pools, spas, and water features, along with beautiful landscape design to enhance the beauty of your outdoor area.

Our team of experienced swimming pool builders work closely with you to understand your needs and create a unique pool for you and your family to relish for years to come. Combining the skills of talented landscape designers, expert construction teams, and high-quality materials, your new pool, spa, or water feature design will add value to your home and transform your lifestyle.

What to consider with your pool design


The visibility of your pool is something that needs to be carefully considered. We work with you to understand how much of a focal point you want your swimming pool to be within your landscape design. This helps us to determine the ideal, shape, location, and size of your pool.

Location and heating

The location of your swimming pool within your landscape design can determine the need for heating. If you opt for a location that is shaded, you might wish to install a heating system in your pool. Whereas, a pool situated in full sun will most likely have warmer water and may not need to be heated.

Safety and traffic flow

The flow of space around your pool is important for your enjoyment and safety. The ability to roam around your pool comfortably and without obstruction is a key design consideration. We carefully consider where people will be sitting, walking, and relaxing, so steps, ledges, gates, and communal areas can be designed to suit.

Endless pool designs

Formal pools

Offering an elegant and timeless feel, formal inground concrete swimming pool designs suit the aesthetic of many properties.

Vanishing edge/ infinity pools

An infinity pool is a premium design, with the pool edges the same level as the water, creating a vanishing effect against its surroundings.

Lap pools

If you have a narrow space or enjoy the health benefits of swimming, a lap pool could be the right fit for your outdoor space and lifestyle.

Acreage pools

Acreage pools are larger in size than regular pools and allow for the incorporation of an entertaining area within the pool designs.

Plunge pools

If you have a smaller outdoor area, a plunge pool could be the perfect option. It allows you to cool off but still works within the available space.


Spas are a luxurious addition to a landscape design, working as a stand-alone feature or as an addition to a larger pool design.

Free form pools

Free-form pools allow for high levels of customisation. Because of the flexibility in their design, these pools are ideal in any size backyard.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best shape for my pool design?

Oval pools work best in larger yards where they can be incorporated into a ‘backyard oasis’ using palm trees, rock formations, and waterfalls to create a relaxed setting. Although oval pools suit many property styles, they are most commonly seen in older, Victorian style houses with large backyards.

As the name suggests, this pool shape is rounded at both ends with a curve inwards at the centre. Kidney shaped pools are popular in gardens that have a softer, natural aesthetic, as the shapes creates a lake type feel. The curved edges also mean water flows more smoothly.

Figure of 8 pools are designed around the curvature of the number 8, making them larger at the top and bottom with a narrow centre. Like kidney shaped pools, this design lends itself to a more natural looking pool area and water flows smoothly off the soft edges.

Although rectangular pools may not be the most creative, they are a popular option for families due to their practicality, ability to fit in smaller spaces, and because they are easy to landscape around. Rectangular pools are also the ideal shape to create an infinity pool.

This unique pool design shape caters for smaller or differently shaped yards. It is designed as a capital “L” with a slim vertical section and a wider space at the horizontal. This gives you the benefits of a pool that has the capability to swim laps as well as a place for recreation.

Circular pool designs can be popular with families as their shape offer a playful and communal feel. This design can also be easier to maintain as their shape doesn’t allow for ‘dead spots’, which is an area where there is less water circulation and can lead to bacteria build up.

Taking the shape of basically whatever design you choose; a free form pool design works for any size or shape backyard or outdoor area. By being fully customisable, this shape allows for creativity and may work best in a free-flowing, imaginative outdoor space.

Geometric pool designs incorporate sharp geometric patterns that can be customised to the size and shape of your backyard. Geometric pools offer a formal and contemporary feel that suits a landscape design featuring more deliberate lines in the design.

Perfect for larger families or those who like to entertain, Grecian pools are known for their large size and ability to accommodate groups of people. The shape itself is a large rectangular outline with circular entry points at either end. Some styles also include curved indents on each corner.

For a dramatic style with wow-factor, consider a Roman swimming pool design. The grandiose effect is created by a rectangular shape with domes leaning outwards at both sides. Often, one dome contains large stairs leading to the water, creating a platform great for sunbathing and relaxing.

How deep should I make my pool?

A kids play area should allow them to touch the bottom of the pool with their heads well above the water, these areas should avoid sloping swim outs.

Opt for waist high water of approximately 1.2m deep, which is perfect for relaxing and recreational activities, like volleyball.

A diving pool needs to be at least 1.7m deep. Importantly, water depth should always be tested before doing a dive head-first.

What our clients say:

Fred Nerk
Fred Nerk
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We can highly recommend James and his company [Western Landscapes] for their fine work ethic and attention to detail.They demonstrated care in every phase of the work and the outcome is excellent. Our new lawn has received enthusiastic compliments from neighbours.

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Charlie Garner
Charlie Garner
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James and his team were the most professional, hardworking, positive, and organised people I have worked with. They were very methodical, extremely kind, and were so price conscious. They really understood what we wanted to achieve and made our budget work and then some!

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David Hoppe
David Hoppe
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We have been using Western Landscapes for the last year. James and Matt provide an expert service that’s tailored to our young family, who we want to protect from pesticides. Their knowledge and advice on horticulture, lawn and reticulation, composting, and weed control is consistently spot on and our garden is looking the best is ever has.

They’re reliable, friendly and trustworthy. We can’t recommend them highly enough.

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