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Unique landscape designs Perth

At Western Landscapes, we understand you are unique and that your outdoor space should reflect your individuality.

Our dedicated team of Perth landscape design experts work with you every step of the way to create a unique space that is truly your own. There is no one-size-fits-all approach with our designs; each space we create requires a completely tailored design to maximise both your vison and the space of your garden. Whether you are building a garden from scratch or renovating your existing space, Western Landscapes can make your landscape dreams a reality.

Limitless landscape design options.

Every design from Western Landscapes reflects the limitless vision of our clients. With your landscape design, we consider your individual stylistic preference, the physical environment, and the era and style of your property. Our team of designers work alongside you to identify a landscape design that will cater to your needs and enhance your property.

We strive to create unique, custom designs and are open to alter your design as your project progresses. This ensures each element of your new landscaping is customised to your requirements, and that you are completely satisfied with the end result. By keeping our designs fresh and individualised, you are guaranteed a landscape that is truly one-of-a-kind. Seeing your dream garden come to life beyond your expectations is what Western Landscapes aims to achieve.

Alfresco area with lawn, hedges, and fruiting olive tree
Residential backyard landscape design with eucalyptus tree

Exceptional landscape designs right from the start.

Finding the balance between form and function is the goal of any designer. Although a picture-perfect backyard landscape design may be aesthetically pleasing, your outdoor space also has to be functional and practical. By focusing on these two objectives, we create a unique design that fits your personal taste and suits your needs. Our passion for garden design drives us to create residential and commercial landscapes that are carefully considered from start to finish. Our team thrives on translating your design vision into an expertly constructed landscape for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

Landscape design process


Initial landscape assessment & consultation

Getting to know you and understanding the goals you wish to achieve with your commercial or residential landscape design is the crucial first step in our initial landscape assessment and consultation. At Western Landscapes we offer a premium service that is customer-focused; our goal is to produce a backyard landscape design that is tailored specifically to you.


Garden landscape design planning

This is where your vision starts to become a reality. Once you have discussed with us how you want your landscape design to look and what you want to include, our team begin creating the design plan. We develop rendered images of your virtual landscape and walk you through the design to provide you with a clear visualisation of the finished product.


Renovation & construction

Once your design plan has been finalised, our team can begin the renovation and/or complete construction of your outdoor living space. If, throughout the process, there are slight changes you would like to make, the team at Western Landscapes can cater to your needs.


Project completion

On completion of the work, we walk you through your new garden, ensuring you are happy with the finished product. This is an opportunity to discuss ongoing maintenance requirements and our guarantee that your new garden will look great for the foreseeable future.

Now you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your beautiful new landscape design.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between hardscape and softscape?

Hardscape involves any element of landscape design that doesn’t involve plants or living things.


This might include paths and walls, or the construction of a water feature or pergola. Western Landscapes takes care of all your hardscaping requirements, working with a wide variety of materials to achieve the ideal look you want to accomplish.

Softscape is the aspect of landscape design that involves living elements, such as lawns and garden beds.


Western Landscapes caters to every aspect of your softscapes. From creating the best soil conditions for your plants, to ground preparation, and installation of greenery, we take a holistic approach to softscaping that will ensure your garden thrives in all seasons.

What are the key elements of landscape design?

The use of lines in a garden landscape design is crucial because they form both the outline and focal points of your outdoor space. Lines can be used to guide a visitor through an outdoor space, draw attention to focal points, like a water feature, and emphasise certain areas, like a key flower bed.


Lines can be either actual (real) marks made in a design, or perceived (implied) lines that are suggested by changes in colour, tone or the edges of shapes. The use of both actual and perceived lines in vertical, horizontal, diagonal or curved paths can greatly alter the look and feel of your landscape design.

Any 3D object incorporated into a landscape design relates to form. In a garden, this often means plants, trees, shrubs, and how they balance each other out and add aesthetic value. Depending on personal taste, your garden landscape design might incorporate rounded plants and curved beds to create a natural flow and soft visuals. In contrast, your design might focus on tall, slim trees with a sharp, symmetrical layout.


Whether you want to focus on garden features with hard or soft forms, our landscape designer works with you to assess what will work best and have the most impact in your space.

Colour is a vital element of any garden landscape design. It can come from both softscaping, like plants and greenery, as well as hardscapes, such as gravel, pavers, and concrete. When used well, it can create a relaxing palette of complementary colours with a beautiful aesthetic. However, when colour is used incorrectly it can become overwhelming and distract from the overall atmosphere you are trying to achieve.


Speaking with a qualified landscape designer is the best way to determine that the colour palette you want for your garden renovation is going to work well and deliver your desired outcome.

Having a variety of textures in your garden landscape not only adds depth and visual interest to the area, but incorporating softly textured elements can serve to reduce noise. By contrasting between coarse, medium, and finely textured elements, your garden design will have greater dimension, which is a crucial aspect of design composition. Softscaping elements such as plants, shrubs, and trees add a wide variety in texture, from soft flower leaves to rough bark on trees. Hardscaping also provide a variation in texture; pavers offer a smooth finished surface, whilst stones and gravel serve as a coarser element.

How do I choose a landscape designer?

If you aren’t 100% sure about how you want your landscaped garden to look, it can be difficult to come up with a design you are satisfied with. A design vision will help you achieve the look you want, while simplifying the process to ensure you get exactly what you asked for. Your vision should consider your end goal, how much you are willing to spend and, ideally, when you would like the work to be completed.


Understanding the potential limitations of your outdoor space, such as space and location, is also crucial to your vision. This is because when it comes to engaging a designer and landscaping team, they need to understand what plants can thrive in your garden and what space they have to work with.

To avoid disappointment in the final design, look for a landscape design team that has a similar aesthetic to what you are after. If you are looking for a more modern style and engage with a landscape designer who predominantly designs classic gardens, your vision may not be achieved.


To simplify and accelerate the design process, have a think about the styles that appeal to you before you meet with your designers. This will equip you with a better understanding of what you do and don’t like, and make discussions with your designers more effective. You may find inspiration and ideas in garden design and landscape magazines, or online applications such as Pinterest and Houzz.

Before engaging a landscaping company, it is helpful to undertake research about the landscaping company you are considering. The company’s employees will be working in and around your home, so it is important you are comfortable with them and can form a positive relationship throughout the process. It’s important to have a good working relationship, as complex landscape design projects can often take months to complete. Researching the style and features you want for your new outdoor space is also important to help you articulate your design vision to the landscape designers.

Before you engage a landscaping company, check the qualifications, accreditations, and memberships they claim to have. Confirm they have insurance, as well as looking at any previous examples of their completed landscape design projects. For added assurance, have a look at their reviews, or speak to a previous client for a reference, wherever possible.

What our clients say:

Fred Nerk
Fred Nerk
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We can highly recommend James and his company [Western Landscapes] for their fine work ethic and attention to detail.They demonstrated care in every phase of the work and the outcome is excellent. Our new lawn has received enthusiastic compliments from neighbours.

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Charlie Garner
Charlie Garner
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James and his team were the most professional, hardworking, positive, and organised people I have worked with. They were very methodical, extremely kind, and were so price conscious. They really understood what we wanted to achieve and made our budget work and then some!

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David Hoppe
David Hoppe
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We have been using Western Landscapes for the last year. James and Matt provide an expert service that’s tailored to our young family, who we want to protect from pesticides. Their knowledge and advice on horticulture, lawn and reticulation, composting, and weed control is consistently spot on and our garden is looking the best is ever has.

They’re reliable, friendly and trustworthy. We can’t recommend them highly enough.

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