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At Western Landscapes, we understand the value of beautifully landscaped gardens. Our design team are experts at creating stunning landscapes, with bespoke designs tailored to reflect the style and individuality of your property.

With your satisfaction as our priority, every project we undertake has a dedicated project manager who keeps you informed every step of the way. Whether you are looking to redevelop your existing residential garden, or need custom landscaping services for your commercial property, our friendly team of landscape designers in Perth will deliver.

Garden landscaping services

Minimal residential landscape with sloping lawn and eucalyptus

Residential landscape design

The experienced team at Western Landscapes are experts at creating custom landscaping solutions to suit your home and your lifestyle. Our talented landscape designers can help you transform your outdoor space into the lush, green haven you have always dreamed of.

Regardless of the size or complexity of your project, our team is flexible and adapts to your requirements. We look forward to working with you to understand your plans and create a design you will be proud of for years to come.

Landscapers laying new turf and constructing landscape

Residential landscape construction

Western Landscapes offers a complete package of premium landscaping construction services, from demolition to completion. Whether you’re starting with a blank canvas or adding finishing touches to complete your garden, you can rely on Western Landscapes to design and construct your ideal outdoor space.

We take care of everything for you, including council permits and building compliance requirements. To guarantee you the best result, we work side-by-side with industry specialists, sourcing materials from only the highest quality suppliers. This ensures a high-quality, stunning outdoor space you will enjoy for years to come.

Landscaper laying turf for backyard greenspace

Garden renovations

Western Landscapes offers quality garden renovations to suit your home and your lifestyle. Our design team works with you to understand the environmental conditions of your outdoor area, to tailor a new design that works best for your property. We can help you turn your vision of a dream garden into reality.

Our professionally trained horticulturists can also help you keep your newly renovated garden beautiful with a customised maintenance schedule. We guarantee, as long you maintain your new garden according to our recommendations, your lawn and plants will stay green for the foreseeable future. Get in touch with us for further information about our warranty.

Perth backyard landscape with modern concrete pool

Pool design and construction

An excellent way to complement your landscaping is with the addition of a swimming pool from Western Landscapes. Our services include the creation of stunning swimming pools that increase the appeal of your home.

Our experienced team works with you to create a tailored design that enhances the ambience of your outdoor area. We work within the existing space to create a pool that suits your home and your lifestyle. With a beautiful, custom concrete or fibreglass pool from Western Landscapes, you and your family will have a fun and comfortable area to enjoy for years to come.

Landscaper preparing a backyard for landscape renovation

Pool renovations

Is your pool looking tired and in need of a makeover? Our pool renovation experts are on hand to offer advice and assistance to get your pool looking like new again. Whether you have a fibreglass or concrete pool, our skilled crew can bring its sparkle back for you.

We can help you with renovations to add functionality and enhance your outdoor space. Whether you need pool resurfacing, hard and soft landscaping, or new pool equipment, look no further than the pool renovation experts at Western Landscapes.

Western Landscapes: the difference

The team at Western Landscapes has a real focus on quality. We are meticulous about every detail of the design and construction of your landscaping. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to complete garden landscaping in Perth.

Your satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. For your peace of mind, we maintain contact with you throughout your project. We keep you informed of our progress, ensuring you are satisfied with each stage of the work. You will not be disappointed with our custom solutions, flexible team, and excellent communication.

Alfresco area with lawn, hedges, and fruiting tree
Landscaping team undertaking garden renovations

What is landscaping?

Landscaping is the practice of modifying or altering your outdoor space to create a tranquil, peaceful area, or to transform your outdoor area completely to create a fun place where you can entertain friends and family.

Landscaping requires specific knowledge of the land and the climate, to produce results appropriate to the area. Landscaping takes into consideration the physical elements within a space to alter it as little, or as much as needed, to achieve a desired result.

What are the benefits of landscaping services?

Cooler temperatures

Carefully considered landscaping around your property can be crucial in lowering the temperature of your house during the warmer months. By including lawn areas in your landscape design, you can significantly reduce radiant heat generated by other ground coverings such as, concrete, asphalt or gravel/stones. As part of our design process, we also ensure your garden is planted strategically to provide shade to different areas of your house throughout the day.

Good for the air and water

Increasing the amount of greenery surrounding your property can offer many benefits for you and your family. Plants and trees work to clean the air around your home, removing pollutants and releasing oxygen. Vegetation around your house is also effective in reducing water run-off, which works to minimise flood and property damage.

Improved quality of life

There are extensive benefits associated with having a landscaped garden. Being surrounded by nature has proven results in lowering stress levels, increasing attention span, and improving memory. These benefits are valuable for both commercial spaces, as well as home gardens in residential areas.

Increased property value

Investing in a professionally landscaped garden has the effect of increasing the value of both commercial and residential properties. Not only does landscaping add value to your property when it is first planted, it’s also one of the few home improvements that continues to add value as it ages and grows.

Retaining walls prevent erosion

Adding retaining walls to your landscape design is not only is aesthetically pleasing, it also serves a critical purpose in preventing erosion. Retaining walls work to prevent the movement of soil from around your plants, as well as creating proper drainage channels to divert water and minimise erosion.

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